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Hans soenen

Art & Design Productions

For four years, the Belgian artist Hans Soenen was granted an insider’s view of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. While there, he enjoyed the atmosphere, the thousand-and-one shades of green, the light falling through the glass domes, and painting, a lot of painting -  which eventually became the Laeken Suite. This resulted in a magnificent series of original drawings and paintings, as well as limited-edition lithographs.

“The architecture and plantations in the Royal Greenhouses harmonise with each other. The organic vegetation flows together with the beautiful steel trusses in Jugendstil. What’s more, it was completely quiet working there, the environment gave me inspiration for, let’s say, 1000 paintings. The oily reflections on the glass, the warm colours of the sunbeams on the leaves and flowers, the moving light spots, the heat, the humidity and the filtered rays through the lime-stained windows, give this location a unique atmosphere.” - Hans Soenen

Soenen’s work also reflects his frequent time abroad. For example, one series was created on the island of Mainau, located in Lake Constance in southern Germany near the Swiss border. A luxuriant floral splendor, a park with over 150-year-old trees, the baroque sheen of the castle and a Mediterranean character ... that is the island of Mainau. Soenen made drawings and paintings of the botanical gardens and their structures, flooded with southern light. The many apple and pear orchards, typical of the region, also caught Soenen’s gaze, mainly thanks to the rhythmic structures of the palisades and sails which, like abstract canvases, span everything to protect trees from hail and frost.

Spain is also one of his sources of inspiration. Among others, the famous gardens of the Real Alcàzar in Seville, el Jardines de Alfabia or the gardens of Raxa on the neighboring island of Mallorca, sparkle in ochre, warm yellow and dark green tones.
Soenen’s work is more than figuration. He knows better than anyone how to suggest light. The abstraction of shadow and the quietness of organic forms in contrast to austere architecture in a balanced composition, are the actual themes of his works, translated with a virtuoso talent for drawing and painting.

Soenen has had nearly twenty exhibitions, including a retrospective in the Noord Brabants Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
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